The Most Important Things When Designing Ecommerce Websites

If I was asked what are 2 of the most important things when designing ecommerce websites for success, I would say:

  • Focus on your MWR (Most Wanted Response) and
  • Make your website easy to be updated so you can test new ideas and grow your business quickly

Focus On One Website Goal

Focusing on your Most Wanted Response – i.e. your conversion. What do you want your visitors to do? This could be subscribing to your newsletter, downloading free trial, making a purchase, or simply ask for personal information. Your landing page must focus on ONE action that you want the most. If you want your visitor to call your business, provide them with multiple ways to reach you. Bottom line is make it easy for them to do your MWR.

Also you must have a response process map. Here’s an example: if your ecommerce website sells software, your home page might not be designed to make a purchase. But direct them to download a 15 day free trial. After 15 days, you send out a follow-up email and offer your customers to buy the product. Once they are back on the page, they should see compelling benefits that will SOLVE their problems. They buy your full version software.

So that response process map looks like this:

1. Visitors enter their email address and download the free trial

2. Free trial is over, they get a message telling them to buy the full version

3. Customer is convinced your product is high-quality, they make a purchase

On the thank you page, you can offer an upsell like $15 for installation, upgraded version, etc. On the other hand, you must also know what happens if they decide not to buy. Do you have a downsell? A good downsell should have 50% less value (cheaper) but have the same quality like the original offer. What happens if they take the downsell? What happens if they don’t take the downsell? You must know your own business map.

That’s how to design your ecommerce website for success. Focus on ONE Most Wanted Response and make your pages easy to be updated to test new ideas.

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