Increase website conversion

Your traffic generating effort will do no good if you don’t have a good conversion on your website. You only have about 8 seconds to convince people your website has what they are looking for. If you are doing adwords campaign and bidding on the keyword “mortgage loan,” you are looking at $3-$4 a click or about .50 cents per second for your visitor’s attention. As you can see, their attention is very expensive. You must focus on your page conversion. Here are things you can do. Make sure you pass on this information to your web designer so you can have a very effective website.

Tips To Increase Web Conversion

Identify your website goal – This is your first step. You should have one or two actions that you want your visitors to do. An online bookstore site would want their visitors to make a purchase, a mortgate company would want their visitors to enter their zip codes,  or a software company would want their visitors to download a free trial version.

Have a very clear goal on your website. Focus on one Most Wanted Response that you want your visitors to do.

Be organized and consistent – Having an organized and consistent page layout will help your visitors find what they’re looking for more quickly and effortlessly. In most cases, a navigation link should be available conveniently to let your visitors move from page to page.

Develop a compelling message – Each page should have a clear and consistent theme. Convince people that your website provides solutions to their problems or answers to their questions. This is key for any website. You must understand clearly who your visitors are, what kind of problems and questions they are having.

Place effective call to action throughout your website – Place buttons or banners with spesific actions. Use flashy images or eye-catching color fonts that they can’t miss. For example, click here, act now, pay here, etc. Don’t make your visitors guess and don’t assume they know what to do next. You must guide them by the hand and invite them to your sales funnel.

Have a fast loading page – I suggest to keep your file around 50KB for each page. This will allow your pages to load faster. Don’t make your visitors leave before they even have a chance to fully see your website.

Ask their visit experience – Send out a survey to your visitors. Ask them what went wrong. Are they satisfied with their visits? What can you do to make it better? If they complained, listen to them very carefully. Treat complains as free advice to better serve your customers. Reward them for helping you identify the problems and fix the problem quickly. Customers who are satisfied with the way you handle complains will be your most loyal customers.

Test-test-test – Make sure you have analytic software to track your visitors behavior. Google has their own analytics script that is free to use. With google analytics you can learn a lot about your visitors’ behavior while their browsing your site. Test different offers, headlines, banners, buttons, text, images, color, font, etc. They goal is to beat your old conversion.

For example you have a 2% conversion rate while using font color blue. Try using white font. If your conversion is now 2.5% get rid of blue font color for good and try other colors to beat 2.5% conversion and so on. This should be done at least twice a month to make your website more effective over time.

Before you design or redesign your website, make sure you do all the above; identifying your website goals, being consistent, developing a compelling message, and placing effective call-to-action throughout your web page. Use web maintenance service from InixMedia to test new ideas or send out your visitors experience survey.

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