How to bring your customer back after they abondoned your shopping cart

If you own an ecommerce site most likely you see your shopping carts get abandoned a lot, meaning people do not complete the checkout process therefore you lose a sale. There’s a way for you as a website owner to bring them back to their shopping cart in later time. Let’s talk about how to bring your visitors after they abandon your shopping cart because bringing them back will boost your profits.

An Effective Shopping Cart Checkout Process

Design a 2-step checkout process on your ecommerce site. On the first step, ask only customer’s first name, email, and country/state. Then offer them 2 options to use paypal or your own payment gateway. First name and email are used to contact them back if they abondon the shopping cart. Country/state is to calculate the shipping cost automatically. Remember, the number one reason shopping carts get abondoned is because shipping cost is not clearly shown (see previous post).

Then they can go to step 2 where they fill out the rest of the form including shipping address and credit card number. Remember, we already stored their first name and email address. If they leave your payment page without buying, send out your “What went wrong?” email. Ask them politely what went wrong in the checkout process. Your email should look similar to this:

Subject: [Firstname], is something going wrong?

Hi [Firstname], my name is Bob from yourcompanyname. I also provide support for our website. I noticed you tried to purchase yourproduct/service but did not complete the process. Did anything go wrong? Is there anything we can do to help?

There are 6 most commonly asked questions from our customers. Maybe you also have one of these questions. You can always send us an email to get help.

This is your cart location: shopping cart link here

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks


List 6 most frequently asked questions and their answers here

  • question 1
  • question 2
  • question 3
  • etc…


Next time you think about redesigning your ecommerce site, make sure it is designed to have 2-step checkout process. Remember to have your designer separate names that complete the process and those who didn’t. Your daily job should involve emailing those who abondoned your carts and bring them back to your site.

[special thanks to mindvalleylabs]

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